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Courageous Creativity Submission Guidelines

We believe that creativity lives in us all, and that it is the source of healing, empowerment and transformation. One act of courageous creativity by a teacher could change a student's course. So can such an act by a caring naturopath reverse cancer, by a mother change a child's life, by a filmmaker start a movement, and by a common citizen change an entire community's course. But most of all, every act of courageous creativity transforms our own selves.

So, what is your story of courageous creativity?

We welcome any story presented from a personal perspective that shares your unique way of looking at, or doing something (creativity), that required you to make yourself emotionally/physically/spiritually vulnerable (courage), and that caused internal or external transformation (change). You could be writing about your own courageous creativity, or that of another, which touched, moved and inspired you. Writing formats are articles, essays, creative non-fiction and poetry, and could be shorts (500-800 words), medium-length (1000-1200 words) or full feature (1500-1700 words). Submissions of visual art and photography of performing / installation art are also welcomed, along with a brief artist statement.

Submissions are selected for publication based on originality of thought, courage of expression, and resonance with the theme of the zine. Although quality of writing matters, our emphasis is on stories worth sharing - stories that will touch, move and inspire others. All submissions should be original, unplagiarized work with proper credits where necessary. Once selected, copyediting adjustments and proofing will be done by the editorial team as necessary, and in most cases they will work with you to create the final publication. Copyright for published articles belongs to the respective authors; however, please obtain written permission if re-printing elsewhere once article is published in Courageous Creativity.

To submit your writing, email us with a Word attachment.