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About Us

Read on for why we're here, what we do and about our founders.


Why We're Here

We believe that every human has love at his core and limitless potential to be creative. And that that's the very reason we're here - to create with Love - our lives and our world! Flying Chickadee is a catalyst for creativity, for the realization of full human potential, at the individual, community and organizational levels -- ultimately for Love, Oneness and peace in the world.

Because creativity is our original nature, a return 'home,' a healing, an act of Love, we find that its practice transforms the world, one being at a time, always starting within oneself. This involves a profound process of shedding layers to reveal one's inner light, and in the process, giving away our old stories to allow new ones to be written.

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What We Do

Through book publishing and the monthly global magazine Courageous Creativity,  we cultivate, curate and coach stories of courage, creativity and change.  Through Creativity Workshops and 1:1 Coaching we use the power of creative storytelling, heart-centered witnessing and deep energy healing to free latent potential in every being (whether working with groups or individuals).

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About the Founders

Flying Chickadee was founded by Shirin Subhani and Shahana Dattagupta. Read more about Shirin and Shahana here!

Click below for a February 2014 interview of Shirin and Shahana on Transformation Talk Radio!
 Transformation Talk Radio

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