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Healer_Teacher_Creator_WithinThe 1:1 Creativity Coaching sessions with Shahana are designed to invoke your innate Love, and the Teacher-Healer-Creator within. You bring real-life situations and lead the discussion. Through her powerful intuitive abilities and by acting as a loving mirror, Shahana is able to gently assist you in creating brand new connections and "story" options, which unlock old patterns or perceptions of obstacles and expand possibility for you to create a previously unseen view and generative path forward. (Besides the discussion + meditation format, occasionally Shahana brings in active Creativity Workshop methods such as story-mapping, collaging, drawing, non-dominant handwriting, etc.)

Whether Shahana is coaching / witnessing in-person, on-phone, in sessions over Skype or in live group settings, she is also always practicing metta (energy healing) in parallel. Therefore, besides making new connections for possibilities in their life situations and endeavors, most people also experience powerful feelings of a heart opening in or after these sessions – lightness, joy, peace and Love.

As always, by "Creativity," Shahana means the incredible, limitless, innate power we possess, to create ourselves and own lives, which at its height becomes an effortless, free-flowing allowing. One begins to cycle naturally and easily between being and doing, simultaneously experiencing inner stillness (Yin) and outward flow (Yang). One becomes a creative channel and simply a beautiful presence – with natural, effortless, agenda-less benefit to oneself, others and the planet at large. (Traditional creativity in the arts is only an aspect of this larger capability.)




Sessions are 90 minutes for $111, available in-person in the Greater Seattle area and over Skype for non-locals. To schedule a session, email


"I started seeing Shahana for 1:1 sessions when I found myself at a particularly difficult crossroads. I was feeling a bit mapless, directionless, hopeless and a whole bunch of other words that end in the suffix, less.  I remember exactly how I felt after my very first session with her – it felt like the moon appeared out of nowhere on a dark night and lit the path in front of me. She gave me higher-level perspective. Since then, Shahana has helped me lift the fog/veil that had suffocated me for years. She has taught me to own everything that had happened to me. She helped me turn the soul crushing self-loathing into gentle and complete self-love. Also, she gets me rolling with laughter often, so even the most uncomfortable sharing goes super smooth. These days I regularly get up in the morning feeling hopeful, joyful, buoyant and confident that my internal navigation system is pretty darn amazing! Thank you so very much, Shahana!"
A.S., Health-and-Nutrition Advisor, Writer, Singer-Dancer, Mother, Sammamish WA.

"My one-on-one sessions with Shahana are a source of personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and intense healing. I never imagined my Hindustani classical music guru (teacher) and a dear friend would also become my life coach, gently guiding and nudging me to lead my life with purpose, intention, creativity, and above all, love. Her approach is remarkable—she leads every interaction by evoking the higher truth that already exists within me. Regardless of the issue, I can always rely on Shahana to reflect back to me what I already know or am unable to see in that moment. Her insightful and often intuitive reflections are a blessing in the purest form and have helped me break through seemingly insurmountable (mental) blocks.

One such instance involves my beliefs around unconditional love. As I struggled to overcome the feelings of rejection and abandonment after my parents stopped all forms of communication because of my sexual orientation, I was left feeling deeply sad and angry. Shahana, in her infinite wisdom, simply encouraged me to convert my fear and ego-based anger and grief in to unconditional love towards my parents. As I reluctantly began to comprehend what she was asking of me, I realized my parents were also reacting from a place of fear (of the unknown). My choice was clear—either I could keep feeding the fear-based cycle or choose to love them, unconditionally. Within months, as soon as my higher self ‘let go’ of all expectations, my parents reconnected with me. It felt surreal and authentic all at once. While we have a long journey ahead of us, the healing has begun and love is guiding the way!"

- P.N., public health professional, classical vocalist, dancer, Seattle WA.

"I have known Shahana as a friend for years, and in the past year, she has taken the place of a philosopher and guide as well. It all started with me feeling very restless and searching for more than what a busy, full, life with a family, friends and a demanding career offered. My search for a deeper meaning in life led me to silent retreats, meditation and co-incidentally Shahana and her creativity coaching. After talking to her over several sessions, I started to see the world in a totally different light. The concepts she introduced, the books she recommended showed me the true meaning of being "creative". Co-incicentally, I was trying to overcome challenges with my superior at work, and found myself training for a near impossible (for me) physical adventure. I used Shahana's creativity principles to deal with both and "create" outcomes that I wanted. I truly understand the concept of "living life by design" now, and am practicing it everyday to feel more calm, empowered and creative."
- S.S., hi-tech management professional, mother, hiker, Palo Alto CA.

"I first met Shahana when I participated in Seattle's Yoni Ki Baat, which she was directing. Since that initial, intense workshop experience, I have taken a Creativity Workshop led by Shahana and had many 1:1 coaching sessions with her. Shahana is insightful and curious which allows her to use careful inquiry to explore and strengthen specific areas of growth. In my time of working with Shahana I have been able to focus more on my creative nature - blossoming as a writer and developing skills to respond with compassion to challenges and opportunities. Specifically, through my understanding of self that I developed, I was able to make the leap to quit my job, set a vision out for the new work and community that I desired in my life, and am now moving forward to create that space in my new job. Through working with Shahana I am learning to tell a powerful story about myself that creates possibility and opens me up for new opportunities in love, personal and professional growth."
- S.N., environmental strategist, political reformer, writer, photographer, Seattle WA.

Shahana is my guide and mentor, who made me realize that I always had the power to create; it was just a matter of doing it. Her greatest contribution to my personal, professional and philosophical development has been two-fold. One, in catalyzing and channelizing my creative energy through my writing, thinking and approach to life, and two, in helping me shed my inhibitions about using my name while writing. For the longest time, I was afraid of owning my work, stemming mostly from fear of the unseen and unknown. The day I started owning my name, I not only learned to take charge of my life, but also started connecting with other like-minded people - people who travel around the world, create platforms for artists, take beautiful pictures, write beautiful stories, bake the most creative cakes, and live independently. I have realized that we constantly create and recreate our lives, through our thinking, the stories we tell, the work we do, the friends we make, and the little decisions we take everyday.

I was 26 years old and one year new to the US when I first met Shahana, and it struck me as odd that she did not make an effort to make small talk based merely on our shared heritage. Since then, I have understood the power of connecting with others without compartmentalization and focusing on co-creative power. We have performed in Yoni Ki Baat together and our friendship has seen everything from philosophical discussions to potty humor."
- D.C., educational researcher (PhD), public health professional, writer, photographer and driver, Lincoln NE.

"Shahana is gifted and she has been a gift in my life! Working with her throughout these past few years has helped to develop a framework that brings love and compassion to the forefront. I took creativity workshops with her two years back and periodically would have 1:1 sessions with her. I specifically remember when I was planning for my CD release party and the advice she gave me that helped me to not care about some of the details that were more ego driven. As a result, the party felt like a moment of pure joy for me that was so authentic and true to my community and me. Recently, I was asking her  and Shirin advice on starting a new project of mine, and again, she framed things with such ease, that is was only natural for me to start up a music blog that has been such joy to write in these past few months. These past years have been transformative and I owe so much of it to the amazing guidance of Shahana!"
- S.J., education strategist, song-writer-and-singer, Seattle WA.