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Welcome to Flying Chickadee!


Flying Chickadee is a catalyst for creativity, for the realization of full human potential, at the individual, community and organizational levels -- ultimately for Love, Oneness and peace in the world. Through book publishing and the monthly global magazine Courageous Creativity,  we cultivate, curate and coach stories of courage, creativity and change.  Through Creativity Workshops and 1:1 Coaching we use the power of creative storytelling, heart-centered witnessing and deep energy healing to free latent potential in every being (whether working with groups or individuals).


The Chickadee

We chickadees have courage,
Beyond the common kind.
Let winter linger longer,
We pay the wind no mind.
Let bluejays with much bluster
Claim the world as theirs.
We chickadees flit unperturbed
About our own affairs.
We've learned it's more than height
That makes a body tall.
It's mainly in your heart
That you are large or small.

- James D. Freeman (1912-2003; Poet Laurate of 'Unity')